What do you mean by “the slowest link?”


When a consumer uses a connected device at home to access the cloud there are a number of actions that occur . At home the most common arrangement involves two “links.” These two “links” are the Wi-Fi connection and the broadband connection.

The majority of consumers connect their home to the cloud via a router that has a broadband modem inside. These routers then connect to your individual consumer device via Wi-Fi either through an embedded Wi-Fi access point inside the service provider router or through a separate consumer purchased Wi-Fi access point connected to an Ethernet port on the service provider router, e.g. an Apple Airport.

When your consumer device (iPhone, Tablet, laptop, Smart TV, etc.) connects to the cloud to for example stream YouTube video the video data has to travel over both the Wi-Fi link and the broadband link. In the case of a consumer streaming video from YouTube to their Tablet when the video stops/start, freezes during playback, pixelates, etc. it is currently not possible to know which link may be causing this problem. Cloudcheck can ascertain the performance of each link independently so the user can begin to intelligently begin to solve the problem.

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